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Cya in 2 weeks

Posted on: November 6, 2008 10:56 pm
<pre>Hope life is treating you all well. Don't expect to hear from me during
the next two weeks as I'll be in Europe with my wife. I'm thinking when
I return the market will be stabilized and everything will be
hunky-dory. Right...

At least when I return the UFC will have a new heavyweight champion, one
who doesn't dodge a certain large Brazilian. From that statement you
can infer two facts: 1) I'm picking Lesnar to beat Couture, and 2)
Couture has been avoiding Minotauro Noguiero like the plague. Cuz Big
Nog would submit him. And he knows it.

Interesting, from

"The key is UFC's popularity among young males, a desirable demographic
for advertisers. According to Tony Ponturo, Anheuser-Busch vice
president of global media and sports marketing, its research shows 76
percent of male beer drinkers between the ages of 21-27 are fans of the
UFC. Within that group, UFC is second in popularity among pro sports
only to the NFL."

Don't pigeonhole me!!!!! You don't know me! You can't assume these all
apply to me! I'm not a stereotype!!!

Oh, in related news, the UFC has announced a superfight between two
champions of different weight classes for the night before the Super
Bowl. Best 24-hour period of the year? Easily. Greatest 24 hours in
sports history thus far? Depends on the fight and the game. I'm
thinking GSP and the Giants, respectively.

Ooooh, I'm Budweiser, I know my target demographic. Jerks.

At least I'm not redundant. "76 percent of male beer drinkers between
the ages of 21-27 are fans of the UFC." What? There are males between
21-27 that don't drink beer? Find me one. Seriously.</pre>
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